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Responding to the growing demands of edible oil consumption in Pakistan, Minha Edible Oils was launched in 2018 to provide consumers access to high-quality, low-cholesterol edible oils at affordable prices. It aims to become the preferred choice of every Pakistani household through its product range that inspires to lead a healthier lifestyle. With the consumer’s nutrition in mind, Minha Edible Oils brings to the table the most premium products and ensures authenticity at its finest by maintaining excellence in ingredients, production and taste.

Spanning over 115 acres of land in Jambar, Patoki, Minha Edible Oils’ modern generation plant uses the most advanced processes and technology for oil production and extraction. The facility is fully automated and has the capacity to produce up to 300 tons of oil and ghee per day, ensuring the highest quality that is at par with international standards.

Minha edible oils started its business in 2018 under the umbrella of NRS international, a group of companies based in UAE and Pakistan.

NRS international supplies refugee tents and treated mosquito nets through its subsidiaries, NRS relief and moon netting, to UN agencies and international aid agencies, serving over 70 countries.
NRS international entered the food industry in Pakistan with Minha Edible Oils.



Minha Edible oils has identified a clear objective: “To be the preferred choice of our consumers.”

Informal Chat / Discussion Session With

Mr. Ahmar Sarwar

Director Minha Oil Mills

Ans: The biggest challenge in early days was the “manual “way of working in almost all the fields of business. There was a strong resistance to change as most of the workers prefer/want to adhere to the old way of working.

Ans: The management consisting of all the brothers handled this situation very diplomatically. We emphasized the importance of automation and how it effects the way of working in a positive way & how it will improve efficiency.

Ans: In very early days all the mentoring was done by my father. He embedded in me the value of hard work. Besides my father, my elder brother Farhaj Sarwar is also my mentor, though he is only a year older than me.

Ans: “Be loyal to the company”

Ans: The main motivation behind entering FMCG business is to target a bigger local market. As Pakistani population is increasing therefore we decided to target this market with consumer oriented companies like Minha Oils, Noor poultry etc.

Ans: As oil & fats is a basic commodity and also a basic requirement for daily cooking therefore we decided to enter this industry. Another reason is also inherent growth in this industry due to increase in population as well as life style change.

Ans: Within coming 2-3 years I am seeing Minha Oils as a leading national food company of Pakistan.

Ans: The biggest plan to make Minha Oil better is to introduce and implement a through professional culture. In order to implement this culture we are hiring professional people who will contribute in company growth.

Ans: Though there are many indicators for measuring true success but the biggest one for me will be to operate in all the provinces of Pakistan hence making Minha Oils as a national player.

Ans: “To become a leading edible oils/fats company in Pakistan. Serving the entire population with high quality food products”.

Strategy / Art of Minha


At Minha Oils, we set out to achieve economic empowerment for our employees along with consumer satisfaction. We ensure fair and efficient business practices which allow us to consistently create high-quality products for the informed consumer of today.

We want to make a positive impact on the lives of many consumers through our product ranges. To enhance flavors of food that can be tasted enjoyed and savored, we have introduced two distinct yet exceptionally high-quality products that put our consumers likings first.

Oil refining


We strive to be an organization that promotes excellent manufacturing practices.We produce high quality products by using the best sources for each step of the production process.
Our procedure is based on the most advanced and innovative technology that ensures the highest quality that is on par with international standards. By incorporating the best techniques of production, we guarantee significant value addition for our consumers while upholding our social responsibility obligations.

Our state-of-the-art production plant spread over 115 acres of land in Jambar,Patoki includes oil production and oil extraction. The plant is fully automated and has the capacity to produce up to 300 tons of oil and ghee per day. Edible oil processing and comprises of three operations, all of which are carried out with great finesse and detail at our plant.

Firstly, we crush and expel the solvent extraction to process hard oil seeds with low oil content such as soybean and cottonseed. This is followed by chemical extraction of residual oil from the oil cake.